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[Resolved] Define CSS style based on post category

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    Hi there,

    Feel free to direct me to a previous thread in case i’ve missed it :).

    I’m using Generate Press as a theme (paid license, Blog add-on activated) with your WPSP plugin (pro version) to filter and show posts belonging to different “News” categories (only 1 category, mutually exclusive) in a new page. It’s a simple grid (no cards style, no carousel), each entry showing the title, meta (date, category, tags), small excerpt and read more button.

    I would like to style each displayed entry according to the category it belongs to, for example, by defining CSS classes with a different border colour for each category. Could you please advise on the best/recommended way to query for this meta property and call/apply the corresponding CSS class?

    If this question is out of scope for this forum, please let me know in case you can provide paid support nonetheless. I would still like to leave the solution in the forum afterwards, should someone have the same question 🙂

    Thank you in advance for your assistance and best regards,



    Can you specify how you want the entries to be indicated?

    This is 100% possible as WPSP includes the category’s slug as a class selector on its post entries.

    Say, we have a category named “Food” with a slug of food, if we want all the posts under “Food” category to have red border, we can simply do that with CSS:

    border: 2px solid red;

    The format of how the category slug is added to the entry’s class list is category-[slug].

    That said, say we have another category named “Lifestyle” with a slug of lifestyle and we want it with green border, we can do this:

    border: 2px solid green;

    Dear Elvin,

    Thank you, that’s perfect! I had overlooked that class selector since i was looking further down in the markup.

    I’ve managed to do what i wanted by specifying the correct selector but i also add to apply “!important” at the end of the property value. In my case:

    article.category-[slug] .wp-show-posts-inner {
    border: 1px solid #371497 !important;

    You can close this one. Thanks and best,


    No problem. Glad to be of any help. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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