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[Support request] End the carousel loop with ‘More…’

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    I have 100s of restaurants and I have a carousel showing 12 of them (4 at a time). The problem is the carousel continues in a loop. Is there a way to stop at the final restaurant (12th in my case) and have a graphic or button saying something like ‘More Restaurants’ that will link them to my archive Restaurant Page?


    Hi Gary,

    We can stop the loop by adding this PHP snippet.

    add_filter( 'wpsp_carousel_args', function( $args ) {
        $args['infinite'] = false;
        return $args;
    } );

    I’ve tested this on my end to be sure it won’t cause errors. Let us know if it works for you.:)


    Hi Elevin,

    That worked great in terms of stopping the loop. Thank you very much! But is there anyway of adding a badge (or any kind of small block) at the end of the carousel where I can add a link such as ‘More restaurants…’, ‘More Cafes…’, etc.

    Thanks, Gary


    As of right now it’s not really possible unless you insert something using javascript.

    The plugin could use a new hook before the closing wrapper – that way we could hook something in using PHP. We’re currently in alpha testing for 1.2.0, so I should be able to get the hook added in alpha.3.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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