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[Support request] Headline in hover and formatting

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    Nice plugin, worth paying for it!

    Just two questions regarding headlines:

    1. Is it possible to show / hide the headline in hover (hidden, then showing in hover).
    2. Is it possible to align the headline? (vertical & horizontally)

    Thanks in advance,


    Hi there,

    I’m not exactly sure I picture how that would look like. Any change you can link us to a reference site you’d like to replicate?

    Or maybe can you check our demo styles and see if there’s something similar to what you’re aiming for? See here – https://demos.wpshowposts.com/cards/

    Perhaps Overlay style 2 is close to what you were aiming for? Let us know.


    Hello Elvin, thanks for your quick response,

    And yes, you’re right, the show/hide feature fits with Overlay style 2, sorry I didn’t realise before.

    What about aligning headlines? I mean, when displaying over the image, would it be possible to align them? They show off sticked to the top and centered by default.

    Kind regards,


    Can you provide a mockup image of what layout alignment would you prefer to achieve?

    We’ll use it as basis for CSS writeup. Would be nice if there’s a mockup for mobile as well so I can include a responsive version of it. 😀

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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