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[Support request] how to make tag and author archives accessible

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    Question 1: Is there a way to use static pages for tag and author archives? Like we can do with category archives – as described here: https://docs.wpshowposts.com/article/use-static-pages-as-category-archives/

    I’m guessing the answer is “no” because I can’t find mention of it anywhere in your documentation 🙁

    What I’m trying to achieve:

    Category archives when set up as static pages as per your instructions above are deemed accessible by the accessibility checking tool I use (https://wave.webaim.org/). This is great!

    However, my tag and author archives (e.g. https://fetliu.net/blog/tag/blackboard/ or https://fetliu.net/blog/author/bethh/) and serach results page are deemed to have accessibility problems because ‘Linked image missing alternative text’. However, the featured images on each of the posts shown are (correctly) marked as decorative and they don’t/shouldn’t include ALT text.

    Question 2: I’m using generate press pro, wp show posts pro and generate blocks. How can I make my tag and author archives more accessible? E.g. Is there a way to stop the featured images shown on tag and author archives from acting as links? I’d really welcome any advice you have.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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