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[Resolved] How to show own excerpt ?

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    I’m not sure if i understood correctly but i wanted to show you what i have when i remove the CSS to hide the read more tag. Did you mean the “Find out more” should not be shown in this case?

    If i wanted to show this instead of the excerpt how would i go about it? Do i need to edit the theme’s single.php at all or is it enough with wsps hooks? If yes, do i need to chage anything in this part of the hook?

        $meta = get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), '_your_custom_meta_key', true );
        if ( isset( $meta ) && '' !== $meta )
            echo $meta;

    Sorry if its beyond the scope of the plugin support,im unable to get my head round it and will appreciate a little guide. Thanks !


    If that “Find out more…” link is being added correctly by the theme, it should no longer show up if you’re using the latest version of WPSP.

    Hmm, showing something like that with HTML instead of the text would be quite difficult.. Would every post have a custom excerpt like that or only a couple?


    Im using the latest version of WPSP and this is how they seem to be adding the “find out more …” link http://pastebin.com/c8UfkHUH

    What i wanted to show seems to be a post meta displayed using this https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wiredimpact/wired-impact-volunteer-management/master/templates/opp-single-meta.php

    Would really appreciate any help. Thanks


    Hmm, you could try wrapping the above PHP in a function and hooking it into WPSP.

    Something like this:

    add_action( 'wpsp_before_content','wpsp_add_custom_meta' );
    function wpsp_add_custom_meta()
        $opp = new WI_Volunteer_Management_Opportunity( get_the_ID() );
        <div class="volunteer-opp-info">
    	<?php $opp->display_meta( ( $opp->opp_meta['one_time_opp'] == 1 ) ? $opp->format_opp_times() : $opp->opp_meta['flexible_frequency'], __( 'When:', 'wired-impact-volunteer-management' ) ); ?>
    	<?php $opp->display_meta( $opp->format_address(), 										__( 'Where:', 'wired-impact-volunteer-management' ) ); ?>
    	<?php $opp->display_meta( $opp->opp_meta['contact_name'], 								__( 'Contact:', 'wired-impact-volunteer-management' ) ); ?>
    	<?php $opp->display_meta( $opp->get_email_as_link( $opp->opp_meta['contact_email'] ), 	__( 'Contact Email:', 'wired-impact-volunteer-management' ) ); ?>
    	<?php $opp->display_meta( $opp->opp_meta['contact_formatted_phone'], 					__( 'Contact Phone:', 'wired-impact-volunteer-management' ) ); ?>
    	<?php $opp->display_meta( $opp->get_open_volunteer_spots(), 							__( 'Open Volunteer Spots:', 'wired-impact-volunteer-management' ) ); ?>
        </div><!-- .volunteer-opp-info -->

    Not sure if it will work or not, but worth a shot.


    Tom, you are a genius ! Thank you very much for helping out, i don’t have enough words to express my gratitude.


    Glad I could help! 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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