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[Support request] Image size

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    I have made settings like in the first part of your video, because i want the posts like that.

    There you have made no settings for images (height and width).

    But on my testpage, the image height ist huge, so that doesn´t work.

    So, how do i get the same, like in your video?


    After I Played more around with the plugin, I am much more confused. If I set theImage size, then the images stay in this size and overlay each other, if smaller the browser. And if I don´t set any imgae settings, the are way too big.

    So I don´t understand this. Is there no documentation?


    Hi there,

    Can you link us to the site in question?



    The Site where I am developing this has maintenance mode on and can not be opend.

    Can you tell me the thing with image settings in general?
    Why are there no image settings in the video, although the images fits well?
    When one hast to set these image sizes? Ans when not?
    And it is normal, once the image width was set, that this image doesn´t react responsive?


    There isn’t a definite answer “when” someone has to crop images. Some people want all the images to have the same size and some people don’t.

    I personally find it easier to crop images using a photo editing software before uploading or use WordPress media for manual cropping so I get to choose the area to be cropped.

    Images should be responsive unless they are background images. Unfortunately I can’t quite tell why it isn’t working for you without seeing the site live.

    You can send it through the Contact form here to keep it private if you wish:

    Let me know 🙂


    But why are there no image settings in the video, where a masonry was setup. Does this mean, that the featured images from the posts were croped before? And if so, to which size?

    I don´t understand this in general.


    I don’t know if they were cropped before, they are stock images so they could come in same ratio/size from the get go.

    There isn’t a definite answer to what size you should crop – it’s personal preferences.

    It might help us to see what you are struggling with if you link us to your site.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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