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[Support request] Image sizes change when upgrading from 1.0-beta2 to 1.0.0

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    Hi, I had 1.0-beta2 installed and had some posts looking like this:
    Though the posts’ featured images were different sizes, the WPSP images were all displayed with the same dimensions so that it looked great.
    Then I upgraded to 1.0.0 and suddenly they look like this:
    They are now all different heights.

    How can I make it go back to what it was before? If I set an image height in WPSP I can’t get a good looking result. Please help!


    Hi there,

    Setting the image height is the correct method – can you show me what you mean about it not looking good?

    We can also apply CSS if you’d like to link us to the page.


    Here are my problems with just setting the image height.

    1. It wants to show the whole image and will not crop to fit like it was doing before. So in a case like this where some are portrait and some are landscape, if I set the height to what it was before, now there is too much space for the width and it leaves a blank space on both sides.

    2. Images are not as crisp as they were before.

    3. Also I’m getting a conflict with the RankMath SEO plugin. When RankMath is activated and I put an image height in, it actually looks like this.
    The funny thing about those two posts with that problem is that there is a <br> tag in the page title. I’m sure that is throwing something off because where the text starts showing up is right after the <br> tag.


    You can see it live here (staging copy): https://beta.lilybee.ch/


    Not sure what’s going on with Rank Math there, but you can disable the image resizer and then do this:

    #wpsp-16311 .wp-show-posts-image img {
        height: 250px;
        width: 100%;

    Ah thank you so much, that works beautifully!

    Can you help me with one more CSS line? On mobile when only one card fits, I’m using this CSS so that a single card doesn’t stretch all the way across the screen:

    div.wp-show-posts-inner {

    Which has this effect: https://ibb.co/L9rSTJ3

    How can I make them center align now?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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