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[Resolved] Img credit in Page Hero?

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    I want to be able to give a photo credit to the Featured Image on my news site. How would I call the field name in the Single Post Page Hero for that?
    I can see the fields for the post meta. Is there a comparable field name for the image’s caption? That’s where I’ve been storing the photo credits.
    The caption shows appropriately when the photo is added in-line. But I can’t quite get the field name. I feel like if I had that field name I could just add it to the Page Hero fields like the post meta.

    {{post_author}} | {{post_date}} | {{post_terms.category}} | {{img.caption}}

    I even loaded up the Advanced Custom Field plugin, which is very nice and I was able to create a new field in my Media Library, but I couldn’t get that Custom Field the show in my page hero. 🙁

    Thanks for any guidance. I keep thinking I’m rocking this and then come up with new ideas that are always beyond my skills.


    Hi there,

    This looks like a GeneratePress question maybe? WPSP doesn’t control single posts.

    Any chance you can post it over on the GP site?: https://generatepress.com/support



    Thanks. Yes, no problem.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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