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    hi tom,
    any news about feature ‘showing post title on hover’ for post lists coming up soon?
    theres a new upcoming project on my side and this one would be highly recommended ?.

    another question regarding licence: is it possible to upgrade from pro to developer? … usage is growing faster than expected!
    and honestly – regarding both ‘issues’ i dont want to switch to another plugin again, yours is just too reliable and lightwight (not to mention the support).

    would be great if there also would be the ability to have two icons implemented over the picture for hover scenarios: one linking to single post, one for just viewing bigger picture. maybe both with slighter appearence without hover for pointing out? but wont stretch the demands too far – title on hover would be great for now, and having it soon even better! 🙂


    Absolutely! More features like this are coming.

    When a plugin is new like this, it’s important to make sure the initial way you include options is the ‘right’ way, or else you can back yourself into a corner when it comes to improvements in the future.

    The next WPSP Pro update will be a big one 🙂

    As for upgrading, you can do so in your account: https://wpshowposts.com/account – just click on “View Licenses” and you should find the link there 🙂


    absolutely great to hear! (or better read…) 🙂

    any timeline for the update??? new site is sketching status, and online devepolement should start about next week… 🙂


    No timeline currently – want to make sure it’s all done as best as possible right off the bat. It will probably take a little longer than a week though.


    thanks for info – think i can take it if it takes one and a half week 😉

    another question if you dont mind:
    will there be a function so sort posts in list view?
    e.g. show all posts of a certain type and sort per buttons after lets say categories on frontend?

    Would be highly appreciated too 🙂


    Yes, a filter type feature is planned 🙂


    Hi tom!

    Is there any news about the update?

    I have special interest in ordering / displaying messages with more visits, i’m using this plugin -> https://es.wordpress.org/plugins/post-views-counter/

    Thanks! 🙂


    We’ve had one update since this topic, and another big one on the way.

    I’ll look into ordering posts via a custom field – it should be do-able 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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