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[Support request] Increased loading time

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    Hi Tom and the team!

    I really like the plugin, but I can’t figure out why the page https://duomit.com loading time with the activated plugin is almost 7 sec.
    When I switch it off, it’s only 1.7sec.

    I found out there’s a gap of 5 seconds delay when loading the last 4 pics (GT Metrix).
    Is there any way to have it (activated) on the main page and reduce the loading time to 2-3 sec max? Please advise.

    PS: It’s a valid AMP page.

    Thank you


    Hi Eugene,

    The page is loading 18 images (post images) when the plugin is enabled so I think it makes sense that it loads significantly slower.

    I don’t think this affects the page significantly worse though as the page score of the page for both mobile and desktop is pretty high. (96/100 and 98/100)

    As for further improvements: I’d recommend trying image optimization and see if it improves loading times. I’d consider having CDN as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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