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[Support request] Is it a Dead project ?

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    I am curios to ask about is this plugin still active? As WordPress said: “This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.”

    And this not usual from Tom at other projects like GP or GB

    So, what is future road map?

    Thanks 🙂


    Hi there,

    We apologize for the delay w/ WPSP updates.

    So, what is future road map?

    The next update on WPSP would be a big one. Tom plans to turn WPSP into a block, possible being merged with GenerateBlocks.

    But as for schedule/ETA, I’m afraid Tom has yet to give out any dates.

    Tom will announce it once an alpha for it is up.

    You can visit this page from time to time to check for any updates. 😀


    Merging WP Show Posts with GenerateBlocks would be a huge win! I want to use GP & GB for my projects moving forward, but being able to display related posts in a visually interesting way is the biggest obstacle holding me back at this point.


    I too was questioning if WPSP was a dead project and I am very interested in where WPSP goes from here.

    I want to use GeneratePress & GenerateBlocks for my projects moving forward, but without a good solution to display sub-posts or related posts with the ability to control how they are displayed I will need to stick with other solutions. WPSP is a decent option, but it is limited to the provided templates. It would be amazing if we could use WPSP (or the potential new block version in GenerateBlocks) to create our own templates (similar to GeneratePress > Elements > Content Templates) using GenerateBlocks with dynamic content and put them on any page or post.

    Merging WP Show Posts with GenerateBlocks would be a huge win!


    I definitely agree.

    And I think this is a win for all because we don’t have to recommend other plugins like CRP (Contextual Related Posts) and customize it with CSS.

    At least, if users also use WPSP, then we also have full knowledge of the ins and outs of the plugin and provide support on the spot instead of referring people to a third-party plugin’s support/developer. 😀

    We’ll keep you posted.


    Tom plans to turn WPSP into a block, possible being merged with GenerateBlocks.


    I read the text with great interest. I have received a payment reminder for WPSP. But since I bought it, there have been 0 updates. I don’t know that from Tom. I would also appreciate it very much if you connect WPSP with GB. That just makes sense! The official Queri block is also already available, so we Generate fans really need a Generate solution. So all thumbs up for this idea!!!


    Update about this:

    Tom plans to start things running on WPSP’s development side once GeneratePress 3.1 and GenerateBlocks 1.4 is out. 😀


    Sounds great! I too was not sure if to start looking for another plugin. But now I can sit back and relax, I am confident there will be a great new solution! Just updated our license.


    Hi Lena,

    An update on this:

    The plan to merge GenerateBlocks with WPSP has started. Tom has started adding more things to GB. Still no ETA, unfortunately.


    I like that! A merge is the best way forward in my opinion. Just love Generatepress and GenerateBlock and trying to cut down on other plugins as these two evolves even further! 🙂


    I’ll try to update these threads when the alpha is out.

    Also watch out for announcements here – https://wpshowposts.com/category/development/


    Elvin, any info about how the payment will look like after the merge? What happens to those who have WPSP but don’t have GB? Thanks!


    Tom has yet to mention anything about it but the most likely thing would be:

    Users with active WPSP subscriptions will most likely get offered a discount when the merge happens.

    WPSP active subscribers will most likely be offered a discount amount similar to what they are paying for on their current plan.

    So for quick breakdown, if for example,GB Pro’s price is $60. (amount is for example purposes)

    $60 (GB PRO price) – $25 (discount, WPSP active subscription) = user will pay $35.

    Tom has done this before with GP Premium. Upgrading to lifetime license from yearly subscription has the same discount pattern.

    Note: This is pure speculation based from GP Premium. It’s best to wait for announcements. 😀


    great thing to know, thanks!
    hope the transition/merge comes fast, it would be a great feature!

    best, horst


    No problem.

    You can check our changelog page from time to time for any updates – https://wpshowposts.com/category/development/

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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