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[Support request] Multiple list on one page, pagination issue

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    Hi Tom,

    Need some help with an issue: I have GPP handling the category and archive pages but needed a list view for the home page with an AD in between. For this, I have created two lists: one with 3 posts and the second to show the rest with an offset of 3. So the homepage is [list 1] [adsense code] [list 2]

    The issue is I need pagination/ infinite scroll like in GPP to have a continues homepage too (so it is not limited down). Currently, if I set the pagination to the second list I get the duplication bug but really need the same infinite scroll for this too to have a unified feel on all pages.

    THank you


    Hey Barna,

    Unfortunately it’s very difficult to achieve two different loops in WordPress when you add in an offset and pagination.

    It’s something that I’m aware of and will integrate in WPSP once a solution is figured out.


    Hey Tom,
    I must have missed this post before I put my issue up about AJAX causing duplication, I didnt realise it was related to offset as well. I assume theres no way around this but disabling offset and ajax for now or having everything in one WPSP list?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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