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[Support request] New features for WPSP Pro

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    Hi Tom,

    As a WPSP Pro USER I can you add a new features SOON and my advice will be to activated these features in WPSP Pro globally so user can have ALL the benefit and flexibility to change the display options with out any CSS/HTML coding For Example:
    – Add soft resizing feature for images.
    – Add Glossary list.
    – Add setting to exclude password protected posts.
    – Add Lazyload script to handle cached images by browser.
    – Add text-transform, line-height, letter-spacing settings. Improve UI for font-weight, font-style, text-decoration.
    – Able to overlay thumbnail with text always.
    – Able to set position (top, middle, bottom) of overlay text.
    – Hover Animation, Scrollable list: Able to show mask/caption directly on Mobile devices & small screens.
    – Able to show navigation in Lightbox of thumbnail.
    – Able to add border between posts for Grid layout.
    – [Scrollable list] Support swipe action on mobile, tablet devices.
    – Add filter to enable lazy loading for Youtube video.
    – Add animation effects for showing content on hover.
    – Able to change Name/Label of custom fields in output.
    – Able to display nothing (video/audio) if no thumbnail found.
    – Able to set number of items per row in Mobile devices.
    – Include or exclude posts of children taxonomies.
    – Leverage code in WordPress core to handles the “Place all sticky posts at the top of list” feature.



    Dear Tom,

    I hope you have taken the time to review the improvements listed above, especially since WPSP development has been quiet for some time now, I know you said that the future is bright but many members here they look forward for the expected improvements especially the integration with GP and features that I have mentioned above or the one that have been requested by many WPSP users.

    Looking forward for more success with your solutions,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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