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[Support request] Pagination not working

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    I used the pagination and ajax options on the page. It didn’t show any pagination.
    To check this issue, I have installed Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg and checked the post grid block. It shows the pagination and loaded the data in addition to the other contents.
    Help me to sort out this.


    Hi there,

    Pagination + Ajax option shows a “Load more” button on the bottom of the list.

    But it won’t show up if all the existing post for the query is already shown.

    Does your WPSP list have a specific query? Does the # of published post exceed the post per page set on the WPSP list?

    Let us know.


    Thank you very much for your explanation.
    Yes, I have generated a specific query to display a particular category on the page. The category has 10 posts. I have limited 6 to display on a page and enabled pagination & AJAX option.

    Now, I have set to 6 posts per page, and pagination. but still, pagination is not shown. The live page is for your reference https://nviewscareer.com/project/denmark/.
    I wish to make the paginated content in the top section and other contents below the WPSP posts. Is that possible using WPSP?


    Any chance you can share ALL the settings of the WPSP list in question?

    To check for possible issues.


    Thank you for your effort.
    Please follow the link to look at the screenshot of all the settings for the live page https://nviewscareer.com/project/denmark/.
    Screenshot of the settings page



    I have gone through the forum blog archive “https://wpshowposts.com/support/topic/use-wp-show-posts-to-replace-blog-archive-page/“.
    similar to that, I wish to use WPSP.
    for example,
    CPT 1 (Employer): posts with custom taxonomy ‘country: korea, denmark, ..’
    CPT 2 (Project): Posts to show the post linked with each country

    To display the CPT 1 associated with the country, I used WPSP.

    IS the above blog archive page will be the solution for this?


    Ah I see.

    I think you should actually make an archive page for this instead of making a post list within a single post.

    Your page https://nviewscareer.com/project/denmark/ is actually a single post page under the post type “project”.

    Any particular reason why it has to be done this way?

    I’d recommend making a taxonomy “project” instead and then have a term for each country under “project” for it to have its own archive page.

    You then replace the loop of this archive page with WPSP. Since you’re using GeneratePress, this should be easy as you can use generate_has_default_loop filter to replace the default loop dynamically depending on the archive page the user visits.


    Thank you so much.
    Is there any suggestion for a portfolio of the projects with pagination?
    I have seen the suggestion in the GP forum as WP Show Post Pro is the best option.


    I’m not exactly sure if any post list plugin would work with how you’ve structured the site. (post list inside a single post).

    Elementor pro’s portfolio widget might be worth a try but that’s a big commitment.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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