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[Resolved] PHP version of shortcodes with multiple parameters

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    Dear WP team,

    In short: How to create a php snippet to display a WPSP list filtered with additional custom fields?

    I’m using a shortcode to present a WPSP list but would ask for your help so it can be defined correctly via php instead. I’ve made a few attempts, without success.

    The shortcode includes several additional parameters, related to a custom field created with the ACF plugin to rank & order the posts. Since i need to filter and order the output in a specific way, i adjusted the shortcode as suggested by Tom here.

    The end result: [wp_show_posts id="1477" settings="meta_key=network-order&orderby=meta_value_num&order=ASC"]
    – where “1477 is my list’s Id and “network-order” is the custom-field’s name

    This works well but leads to a known problem: every time the page is edited anew, the “&” is replaced by “&”, breaking the functionality unless it’s manually cleaned. This has been (raised in another post, but the php equivalent was not indicated.

    Since this is for a client, the manual editing step might fail and i would prefer to implement a php snippet to go in the functions.php of the child theme (based on Generate Press Pro, if relevant). The shortcode goes inside a container block (Generate Blocks, if relevant – i think you can spot a trend in user preferences here ;))

    If doable, how should the php snippet look like?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance!


    The example above was cleaned, funnily enough 🙂

    Just for clarity: The “&” is replaced by & (“&” followed by the ampersand HTML code). This leads to the problem described above. I understand this is not WPSP’s flaw, rather WordPress’ beahviour.

    Best regards.



    You can try wrapping the WPSP shortcode within another shortcode as Tom suggested here:


    His reply includes a snippet for making shortcodes incase you need it.


    Hi Elvin,

    Thanks for the link. That was all i needed and it worked perfectly!

    Great support, as always.

    Wish you all a good holiday season and start of 2021!



    Nice one! Glad you found it useful. No problem. 🙂

    Stay safe. 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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