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[Resolved] post image size/columns

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    Hi Tom,

    Hope all is grand 🙂

    Trying to sort my display of post link images on this page under “New Instructions” here: http://wordpress-26144-58876-169122.cloudwaysapps.com/

    I have it set to be four columns with display only 4 images, however, you’ll notice the first (or last) post image being called in seems to take up two columns thus pushing the final post over two rows.

    Any advice as to what I’ve done wrong would be great.

    Also, would it possible to add in the future under the image styling options a link icon option plus the ability to select our own overlay colour and transparency?

    Thanks again Tom


    Hi Darron,

    Hope you received my email? I seem to remember answering this.

    The first image is taking up two columns because you have the “Featured post” option set in the “Columns” section.

    For the link icon option – do you mean the paperclip icon?

    You can set the image overlay color already, but not transparency – I’ll see what I can do there 🙂


    Hi Tom

    sorry for not responding sooner – I don’t seem to be getting your emails in for some reason and no notice of notification when you reply – will check white listing etc with email client

    Sorted the featured post issue by calling in Taxonomy and terms 🙂

    Yeah, the paperclip icon would be grand

    Thanks again Tom -and hope all is well with you



    No worries! Will look into adding the paperclip icon 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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