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[Support request] Pro Version is missing some options

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    I have bought the pro addon and installed both free+pro addon But i am not able to get options “Styling” same as provided in video https://vimeo.com/175660953

    I want some points to be customized.

    1. NO border option available. How to add a border?
    2. How to disable clicking on the date.
    3. How to show Last Updated date as my all post will contain updated meta on a single post.

    Here is the homepage I am working on https://www.techtipstricks.net/

    Thank you.


    The styling elements were spread into their respective sections instead of having their own dedicated section. Those options are elsewhere within the other option sections now.

    1. The border can be added in the “Columns” section.

    2. Currently this isn’t possible, but will be in the next released version.

    3. Try this CSS:

    .wp-show-posts-updated {
        display: block;

    Hi, The CSS creates two dates published+updated.
    Can you help me to edit the plugin file so it will only show the updated date.


    It’s currently not possibly without editing core files (not recommended).

    But you can try this:

    .wp-show-posts-posted-on .wp-show-posts-updated {
        display: inline-block;
    .wp-show-posts-posted-on .published:not(:last-child) {
        display: none;
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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