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[Support request] Problem with AJAX Pagination

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    I have two lists on my homepage. The first list is a simple carousel (which is inside a header element), and the second one is a list of recent posts (copied into a section).

    On the recent posts, I checked the AJAX Pagination box, but for some reason, when I click ‘Load More’, the whole page is going haywire. I’m talking about large, floating pictures. This doesn’t happen when I remove the carousel.

    Help 🙂


    Hi Li-ran.

    I’m afraid this is a known bug that is yet to be addressed.

    I believe you see a “Pagination should only be used if your posts are the only thing in the content area to prevent duplicate content issues.” note when you set the pagination. It is directly related to this bug.

    As this issue is pretty complex, We can’t give an exact date as to when this bug will be fixed.

    At the moment, we can only advise to avoid using pagination along with the carousel.

    We’re sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this brings.

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    Hey Elvin,

    Turns out it happens with the cards as well, which means the pagination feature is worthless to me. By the way, I only have two lists on the page, nothing else.

    This quite is disappointing, as it’s one of the reasons I paid for the plugin.


    Sorry. This is quite* disappointing.


    This is more a WordPress query issue, and it also brings up a duplicate content issue with search engines.

    If you want to work around it, the first thing to do is update to 1.2.0-alpha.2:

    Then we can look at adding a filter to fix the issue for you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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