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[Support request] Quick Question for Performance

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    Hello Tom , i know that this period the team is working for GBP and the version 1.2 but i would like to ask you 2 things.

    One is about the performance of WP SHOW Post , to tell the truth i own a licence for two years but i have used it never in a production site but mostly to play with and to support GP.

    Now is the time that maybe i want to implement WP SHOW POST ( Free or Pro ) still dont know, as it depents from your answer.

    So i have an active woocommerce store that is actually extremely fast ( can do better ) and i want to put ” Related Articles ” down from each single post. My question is how much this will hurt my performance of my site, i mean what is going to be called each time , as i know i WP SHOW POST does not work with Javascript except there is carousel.

    Also i like the new cards and maybe i will go with pro plugin , this will add extra css ofc but in your opinion what should i go for ? There is huge difference bettween those two for a simple ” related articles ” made with hooks?

    Sorry for this question , but i really respect your opinion and i am sure you understand what i mean.



    Hi there,

    Show Posts will add a stylesheet (or two if Pro is in use) to your pages. As it still uses the shortcode method, there’s no way to conditionally add these based on the actual presence of the shortcode on the page.

    Javascript from the plugin will not load unless it has to.

    Once we move this plugin to a block, we will have much more control over which/how many assets load.

    Other than the assets that need to load, the performance should be just as good as any other post query on your website.


    Any timelines on moving to a block? The current setup seems outdated – not a criticism just a thought.


    Any timelines on moving to a block? The current setup seems outdated – not a criticism just a thought.

    We can’t give out any exact date for this yet as Tom is currently have is eyes set on GenerateBlocks Pro.

    But we will make sure to do an announcement regarding this as this particular update will be a really big one.

    Please look forward to it. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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