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[Resolved] Re WPSP Pro 1.0 (beta 3)

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    GP and GB fan here,

    Bought WPSP pro today after finding out about card styles !! Just what I was looking
    (you really need to improve your marcoms – in your case, I wouldn’t call it cross-selling, it’s just a matter of sharing what you’re doing in your other projects).

    Anyways, I installed it in a client site, selected card overlay style and I’m experiencing 2 issues:
    1. Image overlay color and Image overlay hover colors don’t seem to save. Every time I change something, these settings are lost.
    2. Content excerpt words doesn’t seem to be working as I want. After selecting 15 words and “Excerpt”, post grid is showing first full paragrapgh instead of 15 words… I like it but my client doesn’t and this is the 2nd plugin I installed with ~same purpose/functionality (TBH, it’s the first and only plugin I said “don’t worry, I’m sure it follows every WP rule)

    Can’t wait for Official version…




    I’ve tried replicating the issue you’re having but was unable to.

    Tested on:
    WordPress 5.5.1 with wp-show-posts-pro-1.0.0-beta.4.

    Perhaps you may have to update the beta version you use. You might also want to consider updating WordPress if it isn’t yet. I believe it fixed the color saving in WP 5.5

    This may also be a simple caching or plugin conflict issue.

    Can you try clearing your WP & browser cache to see if these issues still happen? Also, can you try disabling plugins one by one to check which causes it?

    Let us know of your findings. Thanks.


    Beta 4 installed, sorry for misleading you.
    I installed WP Show Post in staging and you’re right: cloudfare and I don’t know what else is messing with grid card style in live environment.
    Thank you for your support.


    No problem. Feel free to open a new topic if you encounter a new issue. Thank you. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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