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[Resolved] replace link

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    Is there any way to change the url of the link used by cards displayed by WPSHOWPOST?
    For exemple: I store a second url in a custom field into the custom PostType used by WPSHOW. I would like use this second url instead of the primary url used.
    That would able to customize the link of every post needing.
    Is it possible?



    Hi there,

    This isn’t possible at the moment, unfortunately. I’ll try to add the necessary filters to make this possible in the next version.


    ok, thanks for information.
    I hope you’ll also replace Icon by SVG Inline Icon !! and also add the possibility to add custome SVG code to use it as icon.
    see you later !


    As the icon that appears when you hover the image? Definitely a good idea – thank you! 🙂


    For me,

    1) Your pluggin would be very powerfull if you able to chose the field you want to replace the content of : post_content / link / Icons / Title / Featured Image
    (That’s what I was trying to do by asking your some help with hook etc. in previous posts)

    That also could able to avoid to create new post type.
    Example: I could add field to main PAGES, and then match them to WPSHOWPOST cards… !!!

    2) Also, you could add a FLIPBOX to the CSS Cards Types.

    3) If WPSHOWS could dipslays TAGS / CATERGORIES that would be awesome.

    4) But please let kill any SVG image request / font / of your pluggin as you re doing for your theme !!! At the moment I have to do not use 80% of your features because of that…. =/ I only use WPSHOW to call a post type custom display only the “body”… Then I customize the CSS/ HTML of the body. that a lot of work…

    About the Idea of “add custom SVG to use them as ICON”… My point is: at the moment we only can use YOUR selection of ICONS (social etc.). It would be nice to be able to add some custom Icons to this list.
    BUT, SVG inline of course !!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

    edit: any ETA for WPSHOWP update? weeks? months?
    I hope GP is going to be update this week xD… generatepress.woff2 is the last “bad point” Google Speed page tell me to fix !!! I can’t wait !!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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