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[Support request] Static Pages as Author Archives

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    I use this snippet for static pages as Author Archives.

    add_filter('request', function( array $query_vars ) {
    //    if ( is_admin() ) {
      //      return $query_vars;
     //   }
        if ( isset( $query_vars['author_name'] ) ) {
            $pagename = $query_vars['author_name'];
            $query_vars = array( 'pagename' => "$pagename" );
        return $query_vars;
    } );

    It worked great for me, but not when there is one user, he is both an administrator and a post author.
    (I deleted my other users: I had created several with different e-mails, and changed the authors of the posts)
    My posts and WPSP posts lists author links returns https://www.sisla.lt/author/admin/
    but not https://www.sisla.lt/rolandas-sisla/ author page link.
    (I use GP PRO and WP Show Posts Pro, both latest versions)

    Maybe you can advise what to do?


    Hi there,

    I’m afraid I’m not overly familiar with the internal workings of WordPress in this filter, unfortunately.

    Technically, that filter is looking for the author name in the request and if it exists, it looks for a page with the same name and transfers the request to that page.

    I’ve never played with it for authors, but it’s possible that is simply isn’t compatible with author archives.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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