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    May I suggest three item concerning WPSP / WPSP Premium:

    1. The handling of the end of excerpts is different in GP and WPSP. Would it be possibly to make it consistent that there is no need to use CSS within Simple CSS and to overwrite code in the plugin to make them compatible.

    2. The CSS of masonry differ in GP blog and WPSP. At the end of the summary-entry <p> there is an additional margin-bottom defined.

    3. The CSS for the title differs also!

    Just to think about.


    1. Can you explain a bit more? What about it exactly?

    2 + 3. Things aren’t meant to be exactly the same, but we’re working on merging the two styles some more. In the next version of WPSP there will be a field for you to add a custom class to the read more button for example, which will allow you to match it to the GP buttons.

    Really appreciate your feedback 🙂


    Concerning 1.

    GP behaviour:
    If you define nothing for the end of the excerpt nothing is outputted. If you define ” ” the output is ” …”. If you define e.g. “continue” the output is ” … continue” and “continue” is linked to the post. In Addition you may define a button.

    WPSP list behaviour:
    “…” is outputed at the end of the excerpt. You may define a text but the WPSP Outputs a button.

    My solution:
    To get a consistent behaviour I define ” ” using GP and I changed the function in WPSP to Output ” …”. Thus I achieved the same behaviour.

    I hope this clarifies the suggestion.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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