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    Hi Tom, a few suggestions:

    Title and Content alignment – pssibility to center
    Font Size – for Title and Content
    Center social Icons – The last icon has margin-right: 10px. Therefore, the social icons are not right in the middle. You can see this, by set the ".wp-show-posts-entry-title" "text-algin: center;".


    Hi Sebastian,

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Just released WPSP Pro 0.5 (finally with a bunch of styling options).

    Next I’ll be focusing on typography (font sizes, alignment etc..).

    Thanks for pointing out the centering issue!

    Here’s a fix until the next version:

    .wpsp-li-button, .wpsp-li-button:visited {
        margin: 0 5px;

    Hi Tom, yes, I’d love to see content and title alignment too – center option for Title for sure, and center or justified for the excerpt text if possible.


    Good idea – justified text would be useful.

    Alexander Seboe


    I have some more suggestions:

    The abstract is ignoring formating such as center, linebreak and so on. –> Make the abstract format display.

    The ability to size the boxes of none Masonry mode.

    The ability to remove the links of (individual) or at least all posts of a list. Like this you can create a portfolio without linking further content.

    Also: The image overlap error still exists http://web28.milhouse.kundenserver42.de/ChildTheme/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Issue-Images.jpg
    And here is another weird behavior: http://web28.milhouse.kundenserver42.de/seboe/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Issue-Margin.jpg



    The abstract is ignoring formating such as center, linebreak and so on. –> Make the abstract format display.

    Not too sure what you mean here?

    The masonry boxes are determined by how many columns you choose. Are you wanting various sizes instead of all the same?

    You can remove everything but the images, then change the links of the images like this: https://wpshowposts.com/support/topic/custom-link-or-none/

    It’s not possible to remove the link completely, but that’s something I have planned.

    Can you link me to that page with the overlap?

    Alexander Seboe

    The abstract is ignoring formating such as center, linebreak and so on. –> Make the abstract format display.

    This is apperantly a wordpress by design. I solved it writing the formated code in the abstract field. Then the text is displayed with formating on the tiles.

    The link for the messed up images is here: http://web28.milhouse.kundenserver42.de/ChildTheme/ Firefox is ok but IE 11 I get this behaviour.


    That’s because the images are set to float left and IE11 isn’t very good.

    Try this CSS:

    .wp-show-posts-masonry-block:not(.featured-column) .wp-show-posts-image.wpsp-image-left {
        float: none;
        margin-right: 0;
    Alexander Seboe

    Thanks, that fixed it. Maybe you can include it in the standard styling to prevent this behaviour.

    Another thing. On my other site http://web28.milhouse.kundenserver42.de/seboe/ there is one tile which does not keep enough space:
    http://dasilvaseboe.de/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Issue-Margin2.jpg Screen Res. 1336×600

    And also, something that has been buggin me on both sites. Any idea how I can do propper spacing below and above the slider? I want the slider to show without any blank space below or above the slider, now matter what the resolution is. If this is possible…

    P.S. Sorry for spoiling this post wiht my bugs. Maybe you move all the bug posts to another post…


    Always feel free to start a new topic 🙂

    That’s happening because you have a super long word in there making the column wider. You can break the word like this:

    .wp-show-posts-entry-summary {
        word-break: break-word;

    As for the slider, that’s a question for the theme I think instead of WPSP.

    Alexander Seboe

    Afer working with your theme and WPSHowposts for a while now using it on two sites, a third might come later, one is ready: http://dasilvaseboe.de/
    I use the WPSP lists as design building blocks, as you can see.

    My suggestsions are:
    1) Option to disable all links for a post or a whole list. Like this you can use posts as a tool to design a page like I did on my startpage and in that case you might not want links to the actual posts.

    I do this using the following function in the header.php of my child theme:

    var pTags = jQuery( “.home section#wpsp-65 article div.wp-show-posts-inner div.wp-show-posts-image a img,.home section#wpsp-11 article div.wp-show-posts-inner div.wp-show-posts-image a img,.home section#wpsp-50 article div.wp-show-posts-inner div.wp-show-posts-image a img” );
    if ( pTags.parent().is( “a” ) ) {


    2) At the moment I have to manually write HTML code in each post’s abstract field to have it come out formated in the summary/abstract which is displayed on the page.
    It would be much more convenient if I could just format the main post and the abstrat would come out formated automatically.


    Added it as a future enhancement: https://github.com/tomusborne/wp-show-posts/issues/7


    Alexander Seboe

    Cool 🙂 And the second part?


    Not too sure what you mean by that – can you explain a bit more/show me an example?

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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