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[Support request] two columns background, like GeneratePress

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    I use GeneratePress,
    if a Display posts in two columns, by “default”, you can see the gray background between columns of posts, and between rows of posts (which have white background)


    How can i make this with two columns with WP Show Posts?



    Hi there,

    I’m not sure I fully understand what you mean to do.

    Are you trying to change the grey background color between the columns of the post?

    If so, that’s set up on your theme’s content container background color. If you’re using GP Premium, you can do it through Appearance > Customize > Colors > Content.

    Note: Changing this will affect all the container bg color throughout your site.

    If you meant, you want to add column spacing, you can do that through the WP Show Post edit page and on the column tab, add Columns gutter value – https://share.getcloudapp.com/z8u6wzgD


    Thanks for replaying.

    I have not explain myself correctly. But I think I have found a solution, but not sure if it is the best one. I share it here:

    the question is:

    How to make a “WP Show Posts” list looks like the “Separate Containers” of Generatepress?

    In GeneratePress, with “Content Layout” set to “Separate Containers”, we can see the body background around the posts (both between rows, and between columns). See image (we can see the grey background):

    But in “WP Show Post” you don`t have this option. So, How to achieve something similar?

    Posible solution: (but not working)
    If you select the “Columns gutter”, you will add column spacing, but you will see the color background of the page or post where you have added the WP Show Post Shortcode, but not the “Body Background”.

    My Solution:

    1º Set the “WP Show Post” to:
    – Columns gutter: 15px
    – Padding: 20px
    – Background color: White (or the same color as your Posts Background)

    2º Insert the “WP Show Post” Shortcode inside a “Container Block” (By GenerateBlocks) and set as:
    – Background color: grey (or the same color as your Body background)
    – Padding: 0px

    Now, will look like this, with a “problem” in the sides:

    3º Set the “Page Layout” option: Content Container = Contained

    Now, we have a WP Show Post List, looking like the GeneratePress separate containers:
    WPShowPost list looking like GP Separate Containers

    I hope i have explained myself, and hope will help someone.


    Nice one! Glad you found a working solution.

    Yeah you can use a GB container block to isolate the list and set its own background. 🙂

    That’s actually a good way to do it. Glad you got it sorted. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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