[Resolved] WP Show Post shortcode causing possible issues in Gutenberg editor

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    I am reposting this question per your request here.

    I discovered some other behavior which seems to have surfaced after pressing the “Set Card Styles” button. It could be coincidence, but based on how much I’ve been using WP Show Posts previously, I doubt it. First the behavior, then the steps to recreate.

    Now (using the Gutenberg editor), any pages which include WP Show Posts shortcodes display correctly on the front-end. However, if I attempt to edit that page in admin, the page editor frame displays an editor for the first post in the list which would have been displayed by the shortcode. Yes, bizarre. I can no longer edit the page or its content at all. Note: this happens when I create WP Show Post lists with posts, custom post types, etc. When I use other post grid plugins (e.g., Ultimate Add-ons for Gutenberg) to achieve a similar effect, I do not get this type of behavior.

    I have attempted to deactivate WP Show Post and Pro plugins, even deleting data. However, lists are preserved and I suppose other table entries are too. I have even resorted to deleting all Lists and also any pages where WPSP shortcodes may have been used. No luck.

    How I recreate it:
    1) Create a List. (from Posts, Custom Posts, doesn’t matter).
    2) Create a new page…in the Gutenberg editor. Enter a title, some text, then the WP Show Post shortcode referencing the List created in 1.
    3) Save draft, preview the page. It looks more or less as expected on the front-end.
    4) Now, attempt to edit the page (be sure to re-access it via “All Pages” in the Page editor). Page content is now missing. In fact, inside the editor frame is the first post in the List referenced in the shortcode.

    Happy to give you access to my development site to see for yourself.



    Hey Dan,

    How are you adding the lists? Using the shortcode block? I have WPSP set up on multiple sites using Gutenberg and haven’t come across anything like this.

    The shortcode block doesn’t actually render anything – it’s just a text field which holds the shortcode, and then the shortcode is executed on the frontend.

    Does the same thing happen if you deactivate all of your other plugins?


    Hi Tom,
    The issue wasn’t the shortcode. Sorry for the confusion in my description.

    The conflict seems to be with a plugin (one created by our host, used to support related post queries) based on Elastic Search.

    Thanks for the follow up,


    Glad you found the issue 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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