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[Support request] WP Show Posts 1.1

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    WPSP 1.1 beta is out and ready for testing. Official version will be released next week.

    This is the free plugin update, which will allow easier updates in future versions of Pro.

    Once this update is out, we’ll be focusing on getting the next Pro update out ASAP.

    Any testing is appreciated!

    Download here: https://tomusborne.com/dev/temp/wp-show-posts.zip


    • New: Allow multiple taxonomy terms to be selected
    • New: Choose the title HTML element
    • New: wpsp_disable_title_link filter
    • New: wpsp_disable_image_link filter
    • New: wpsp_read_more_output filter
    • New: wpsp_inside_wrapper hook
    • New: wpsp_image_attributes filter
    • New: wpsp_term_separator filter
    • New: Option to add comments number/link in post meta
    • New: Allow override of settings within shortcode parameter
    • New: Add standard post classes to each post
    • Tweak: Pass list settings through hooks instead of using global
    • Tweak: Clean up code considerably
    • Tweak: Use the_excerpt() instead of custom function
    • Tweak: Remove border radius from read more buttons
    • Fix: Broken author setting
    • Fix: Remove image float on mobile
    • Fix: Missing color labels in WP 4.9

    Great work Tom, thanks for showing some love to this awesome plugin. Now looking forward to the pro updates.

    1. Multiple taxonomy terms to be selected
    I have installed this beta version on two live sites and one local but one of the live sites i can’t select any terms at all. Screenshot

    Now that i can chose title html element i successful used disable_title_link filter. Excellent!

    Request: Just like in GP ability to chose whether to display read more as a link.
    Ability to horizontal align meta and read more links

    This is what i have so far but i think i will exclude terms later.

    P.s Any chance there is a better alternative to FakerPress? Its great but it uses custom excerpts which cause havoc and a real time waster trying to find out why the excerpt length isn’t working.


    Hey Jamal,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    1. Try clearing your browser cache.

    2. Thanks for those feature requests, any chance you can log them in separate issues on our GitHub page?: https://github.com/tomusborne/wp-show-posts

    3. I’ve never heard of FakerPress, I’ll take a look 🙂


    Hi Tom

    1. Totally fixed
    2. Done

    Thanks once again.

    David Beckwith

    Hi Tom can you confirm the use of the new wrapper hook?

    add_action( 'wpsp_inside_wrapper hook','db_wpsp_content' );  
    function db_wpsp_content() { ?> 
    <?php }



    Instead of wpsp_inside_wrapper hook, use wpsp_inside_wrapper.

    David Beckwith

    Doh! Thanks and apologies must get some new glasses…


    Humm, too bad the download link is broken. The official version doesn’t cut the excerpt as expected and I wanted to check if it was working in the beta version…

    I guess I’ll just post the problem for investigation.


    This is quite an old topic. WPSP 1.1.2 is available via your Dashboard now.

    Feel free to open a topic and we’ll look into it 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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