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[Support request] WPSP Pro – Beta Version Available?

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    Having already tried the Alpha weeks ago, I wonder if there’s now a new beta to try?

    Is the plan still to release in in early January?

    I’m in need of the more final multiple taxonomy filter functionality, etc ASAP.

    Even if you haven’t yet implemented the feedback you mentioned you received from me, I would still like to know whether to wait a few more days / weeks more or instead spend that time going a different route.

    Thanks for your time!


    Hi Matthew,

    We spent the Holidays with our families. We’re back now and prepping WPSP (free) for a January update.

    By filter, I assume you mean some sort of AJAX filtering? That would be a pro feature and likely won’t happen this month.


    Wow – that post has attitude! I’m not looking for a free handout dude like so perhaps so many have or do. Lol.

    The free update is of no importance to my query as I’m referring to the paid pro update only.

    I’m already a current customer. Despite the price paid, I don’t expect you to work holidays or perform miracles. 🙂

    If you search your email for my address, you might remember our initial pre-sale conversation(s).

    The filtering that I’m talking about is a feature you’ve already implemented in an alpha (that I tried weeks ago) of the Pro version (again not free) which features dynamically rendered checkboxes of tax terms.

    I am interested in knowing if there has been any progress on that front. If not, just say so. I’ll understand. No need for excuses.


    No attitude intended – sorry if it came off that way!

    The feature you’re looking for is actually in the free version, not the pro version. The current beta you have already has it working, the UI just isn’t perfect yet.

    I’ll be working on the free WPSP update this month, which will include improving the UI of the taxonomy options.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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