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  • in reply to: Is it a Dead project ? #35658

    Sorry to nag, but we’re a little desperate for the 1.2 alpha to be finalised so we can use it. (or even better merged into GenerateBlocks)
    Is there any update on progress on finalising 1.2?

    in reply to: Disable ‘ Sorry, no posts found’ message #27141

    Thank you for the reply. So much excitement for your range of products, can’t wait!

    in reply to: Disable ‘ Sorry, no posts found’ message #27036

    Thank you, the 1.2.0 alpha does indeed fix the empty category issues and looks good.

    I wouldn’t normally consider using an alpha on a live site, but it seems to work well. Is it stable enough to use on a live site? Are there any problems reported?

    in reply to: Disable ‘ Sorry, no posts found’ message #26954

    I’ve done some more experimenting around this, and have found a workaround, but I also think I may have stumbled upon a bug.

    First of all the workaround:
    In ‘More Settings’ within the individual list, find ‘No results message’. If this is empty then ‘Sorry, no posts found’ is displayed on the live page.
    To get rid of the message simply put a space in the field and save.

    This is a little problematic as it’s not easy to see the different with the eye, but it works. It might be worth considering pre-populating the field with ‘Sorry, no posts found’ and then have it not return any output if the field is empty.

    Now on to a possible bug:

    When implementing the above a list was built set to display posts from the category ‘ announcement ‘, to create the list I had to assign this category to a post, I couldn’t assign an existing category to a list if there wasn’t any posts assigned to it. So figuring that out all looks good.

    My list is created, I add the space to the ‘ No results message ‘ to get it to return no output if no posts have the announcement category assigned to it, then to test this is working as intended I remove the announcement category from the one post which has it. I load the page – bingo, no message or output from showposts. I re add the announcement category to the post, and reload the live page, and the post appears in the right place. I then remove the category from the post again as I expect my client to do when there is no need for an announcement. Note – category still exists. I go into ShowPosts and make an unrelated change – anything color or anyother setting (not anything to do with category selection) , and save. It then saves without any category applied. So if a post has the announcment category reapplied, it no longer appears on the site.

    Saving a list set to show posts from a category, which still exists, but no longer has any posts assigned to it – removes that category from the list, so its function no longer works even when a post has the category applied to it in the future.

    in reply to: Carousel Feature Request #26461

    Thank you for the prompt response, and for considering this.

    Really can’t wait for WP Show Posts to make it into to a block!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)