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  • in reply to: Enable link in widget title #33972

    Sorry – I realise it’s not solved in that way.

    CSS classes applied to widgets only apply to the <p> or <h2>, not to the widget itself. (And if the widget is html, I can’t set a class for it.)

    So by making the header a separate widget from the WPSP list, as you suggest, the margin-bottom and padding-bottom that apply to every widget also come between the heading and the WPSP list.

    For now I have set CSS at least for the first and odd number widgets, hoping to catch all the headers:

    .is-right-sidebar .widget-first,
    .is-right-sidebar .widget-odd {
        margin-bottom: 0;
        padding-bottom: 1px;

    The only alternative is to apply those settings for all widgets, and then put a CSS class for margin-top for the h2 headers.

    It would be great if a future version of WPSP could enable the header within the widget to be made a link.

    Thank you.

    in reply to: Enable link in widget title #33931

    Elvin – Thank you.

    I have created a manual H2 Title as you suggest, and then used the Widget CSS Classes plugin (installed as part of the Dispatch template) to give it a custom CSS class that sets the bottom margin to zero, so that each heading is close to what follows.



    Hi Elvin, Tom and team

    Thank you for being clear and up front about this, and offering a practical work-around. As always, that is hugely valuable and makes me respect GeneratePress and your plugins even more. Now I can just deal with it.

    Thank you!


    in reply to: Masonry layout with images #26760

    Explaining the problem somehow always helps to find a solution… Please tell me if you have a better one, or if I somehow created the problem.

    I realise image height is the issue here: WPSP masonry needs to know it.

    So for now I have fixed the height for all .wp-block-image images when they display within the wp-show-posts content.

    I’ve set the height at 180px. It’s small, but not a problem for 3 and 4 column layouts with the column widths at max 640px: the images look about the right size.

    With the image height set at 180px, I set the width to auto, and then used object-fit:scale-down to retain the original image ratio (ie contained within the 180px hight and available width). (I am losing the fine border set for the image, because the object-fit setting can leave the border separate from the image.)

    CSS code I’ve used is

    article.wp-show-posts-single figure.wp-block-image img,
    article.wp-show-posts-single .wp-block-image figure img {
    	max-height: 180px;
    	height: 180px;
    	width: auto;
    	opacity: 1;
    	object-fit: scale-down;

    Is this a sensible solution? Or is there a better one?
    Thank you and best wishes

    in reply to: New issue when using More block #24997

    Hi Mike

    Just saw your query. Have a look at the solution I’ve just posted at the end of the thread ‘Combine Excerpts and Full posts?’: https://wpshowposts.com/support/topic/combine-excerpts-and-full-posts/. It offers a simple way of giving authors the choice in each post of whether to display it as an excerpt with a link, or as the full post without a link.

    Best wishes

    in reply to: Combine Excerpts and Full posts? #24993

    Hi Tom – sorry to delay getting back. Here is our solution in case it is useful for others.

    My original question was: is there some way of enabling those posting to select whether an individual post will display in WP Show Posts as an Excerpt+link, or in Full?

    It took a long time to get to what will seem like the most basic solution. It was perhaps confusing in our case because both WP Show Posts and Restrict Content Pro offer an automated system for excerpts. Ultimately I went back to basics.

    Context: We are using WP Show Posts to display all posts on pages, with its flexible and responsive layout, ranging from 1-3 columns. They are flexible across pages, and look brilliant.

    When originally setting WPSP to display excerpts of their posts, our authors didn’t like the lack of formatting (line breaks, links, sub-headings etc.) on their displayed posts. Hence my original query here.

    The authors saw the few categories where I had set short announcement posts to show in Full (so with formatting) and they wanted that. But then of course they soon posted long posts which didn’t fit on the page, so needed a break and a link to the full post.

    In other words, for each post, I realised the authors had to have
    (a) control on formatting, and
    (b) the choice of whether to show a full short post in the WPSP layout on the page, or just an extract of a longer post with a link to that post.

    The solution:
    1. I set the WPSP list for each category of posts to show the posts in Full, not just an extract.

    2. Yet I also inserted text in the ‘Read more text’ field. Without that, the link button will not show.

    3. I set ‘Aside’ posts NOT to show the ‘more’ / ‘read this post’ link. I also set the post title and featured image in Aside posts not to act as links. (As WPSP’s display of posts already includes whether the post format is ‘Standard’ or ‘Aside’ etc. this is possible with some simple CSS – see below.)

    It means the authors then have control of their posts:

    4. To create a short post without a link, authors just change the post format to ‘Aside’ in the block editor. It appears in full in the WPSP display, without a link. For the website, this achieves the wider priority of avoiding short posts with a link that takes the reader to nothing more than they have already read. (The previous website had lots of those!)

    5. To create longer posts (ie with an excerpt on the page and a link to the full post) the author simply leaves the post format as ‘Standard’. In the block editor, they manually insert the ‘More’ block at the point where they want to end the excerpt and insert the link. Being able to position this manually at a point where the reader will want to read more, helps make posts interesting.

    Hope that helps someone in a similar situation.
    Thank you for helping think it through.

    Two notes:
    With restricted content: In our membership site, authors can make a separate decision about restricting the readership of their post (managed with Restrict Content Pro). If they set the post to members only, all parts of the post will be for members only, including an initial excerpt. If they opt to show an excerpt to non-members, this works equally well on a post that WPSP shows in Full on the page, and a post shown with an excerpt and link.

    With masonry layout: In this display WPSP mode, the browser evidently calculates absolute positions for the posts displayed on a page, so that they fit beautifully together like masonry. Love it! But we’ve discovered that it can make errors and overlap posts in some browsers IF posts contain responsively sized images (other than the featured image) before the ‘More’ break – i.e. in the part displayed in Masonry. Having worked out the cause, it’s now easily avoided with a guide to the authors.

    CSS for the WPSP display of Aside posts without links:

    .wp-show-posts .format-aside .wpsp-read-more {
    .wp-show-posts-entry-title a,
    .wp-show-posts .format-aside .wp-show-posts-image a {
        pointer-events: none;
        color: var(--head-grey);
    in reply to: Combine Excerpts and Full posts? #23434

    Hi Tom

    Major thank you for engaging with this.

    I trialled the code you suggested. I set up Aside posts, with and without a manual excerpt, with WPSP Lists set to show Full, and with posts long enough to show an Excerpt. (I also deleted all Additional CSS.)

    Unfortunately they still just show Full.

    So I also tried the reverse – in order to keep the idea of an Aside as a short post that can show in Full, with the default Standard as longer, showing Excerpt+Link.

    In this case I set the WPSP Lists to Extract, and adapted the code as below, to make an Aside show in Full (Not knowing the term to use, I tried it with the words ‘content’ and ‘full’):

    add_filter( 'wpsp_settings', function( $settings ) {
        if ( 'aside' === get_post_format() ) {
            $settings['content_type'] = 'full';
        return $settings;
    } );

    But the Aside posts still appeared as Extracts.

    So unless I’m missing something, it’s not quite there yet…

    This is beyond my ability, but I’m hoping something might be possible. It would be a great addition to WPSP for the person posting to be able to choose between Full for their short posts, and Excerpt+Link for their longer posts, simply by choosing Aside or Standard.

    (I also looked up excerpt, and saw https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/the_excerpt/ with the <!–more–> quicktag. Is that another route to enable a manual choice?)

    In hope… Thank you and best wishes.

    in reply to: Combine Excerpts and Full posts? #22948

    Hi Elvin

    Your suggestion is not correct. When set to display “Excerpt”, WPSP will not display “Full post” if excerpt field from the post is left empty.

    But I’m hoping there is something close to your answer that could be useful, or triggered with some PHP.

    I’ve just trialled it again, both ways:

    WPSP List set to Full: Post shows in full on the page, and ignores a manual Excerpt.

    WPSP List set to Excerpt: Post shows an excerpt, as a single paragraph with no formatting in both cases. (ie If a manual Excerpt is added, it shows it. If no manual Excerpt is added, it just shows an initial excerpt from the text.)

    Post set to two categories, one category with each setting: It does both of the above; neither WPSP setting overrides the other.

    But if you thought the Excerpt did it, is there something else in the setting that could offer a choice for the person posting?

    ie… is there some way of enabling those posting to select whether an individual post will display as an Excerpt+link, or in Full?

    Best wishes


    Hi. No I didn’t, because I decided that what I had wanted to do probably logically isn’t possible. I think there is no way that a post can be reached within each of the categories in which it is posted and wpsp listed – ie keeping the category Hero. That became clear when I included the categories within the post URLs. So thank you for helping to clarify.


    Solved the problem of Yoast Primary Category not working – in case it’s useful for someone else. Sometimes I just need to select the Primary Category, and then click Update, and then refresh the editor page. If that doesn’t change the post’s url (as shown in the editor sidebar), I have to deselect the other categories, set the remaining desired category as the Primary Category, Update, then add in the other categories, and then Update again. So far it has then stayed with the desired category.



    I have a GP Premium account, and will take up part of the issue there. Thank you! But I’ll take this one to a conclusion…

    To try to resolve the problem above, I changed the permalinks to include the category in the url for every post. I can now see that one category gets hard-wired into the post’s url when it’s written, even when multiple categories are selected.

    So on my original question, I guess there is no chance that a post can display within each of the categories in which it is posted and listed? – ie keeping the category Hero. (I guess it would require WP Show Posts to set the category in the post’s link, and then a canonical url to deal with the duplication.)

    As a second-best solution (following your recommendation to someone else on the GeneratePress forum) I installed Yoast (free) in order to select a “primary category”, so that the display category of a post can be selected by the author, rather than appearing random. That Yoast setting is ignored, so it’s not solved, – but it’s now a different question…

    Thank you and best wishes.


    Thank you – Is there a way of sending you the link and password to the staging site? (I can’t see a box for that on this forum, as there is on GP.)


    Hi Tom

    I think it is a WPSP thing. I brought in an independent arbiter – ‘same-category-posts’ plugin – to see what category a post thinks it is in!

    As I said, if I post a post on two hubs (ie with 2 post categories), and then go to one of the hubs (ie a page with a WPSP shortcode for one category), and I click on that post to open it, when the post displays it often displays with the wrong hero image.

    Interestingly the ‘same-category-posts’ list in the sidebar alongside the post, offers posts from both categories.

    That suggests when a post is displayed, it doesn’t remember which category or shortcode it was triggered by / linked from. Hence I get either Hero image. (The heros are each set for the one page and category.)

    Is there a way of getting a post to keep some record of the shortcode / category that it was triggered by / linked from?

    (Thinking about it, I could add a CSS class in each WP Show Posts listing, but… then that post will still have both classes.)

    Any suggestions?
    Thank you

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