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  • in reply to: PHP 7.4 #19442

    Both the width and height are set to 840.

    This may have helped me track the issue down a bit further. It seems that the issue is only happening for posts whose image is exactly that size. If I change that width and height to almost any other value, the issue goes away. Its only when its set to 840 or 839 px that I’ve found the issue is there.

    I’m not sure if that helps clarify a reason / solution on your end.

    in reply to: Combine Conditions #18798

    Hi Tom,

    I ended up deciding to stick with WP Show Posts and for now, to just manually specify the Post IDs via the shortcode, ie: [wp_show_posts id="119" settings="post_id=186,328,222"]

    I’m just wondering – do you have any opinion as to whether this approach would be better/worse from a performance standpoint, as opposed to the other approach of specifying the category and tag for each? I might have 10 of these lists on one page, so would love to do this in the most optimum way.

    Also, is there any caching mechanism built in that can be leveraged or any advice you have there? We are expecting huge traffic spikes to this site, and these posts do not need to change often, so just looking to be as smart as we can when it comes to how we do this.

    Thank you.

    in reply to: Combine Conditions #18709

    Thanks Tom. For what its worth, I found this plugin which seems to do what I want – https://displayposts.com/. You may be familiar with it, but maybe it could provide a direction.

    I do see some mention there about using multiple taxonimies being computationally expensive though, which worries me, although he does provide a method for caching the query.

    Thanks again for your guidance.

    in reply to: Combine Conditions #18668

    Basically on the homepage, for each List, I’m just specifying that the tag equals “homepage” and then whatever the category is. For the category pages, I think I”ll be specifying that the tag equals “featured” and then whatever the sub-category of that category is that I want to pull from.

    So homepage, might be:
    List 1: tag=homepage, cat=1
    List 2: tag=homepage, cat=2
    List 1: tag=homepage, cat=3
    List 2: tag=homepage, cat=4

    Then a category might look like:
    List 1: tag=featured, cat=12
    List 2: tag=featured, cat=13
    List 1: tag=featured, cat=14
    List 2: tag=featured, cat=15

    From my perspective, I think it would still work well to be able to do the original concept of specifying the category and tag via the shortcode in the editor, ie: [wp_show_posts id="93" settings="category__and=style&tag__in=homepage"] but I’m open to whatever ideas you might have that would accomplish that general intention.


    in reply to: Combine Conditions #18654

    Any further thoughts on this one, Tom? If not, I’ll just go forward with my clunky approach.


    in reply to: Combine Conditions #18633

    The main difference is just the category and tags to pull from.

    So I’d have a bunch of lists that are identical other than the category and tags. Then I’d have a bunch more that are almost the same as the first set but a different format (for example card instead of row) and would pull from other categories and tags.

    No two lists would pull from the same category and tag.

    So in the situation above we’d ideally have two Lists (one for each format) as opposed to 20 or more.

    in reply to: Combine Conditions #18596

    Yes I’ll be using each List format in maybe 20-30 places (multiple times on the homepage plus multiple on every category page).

    It’s not a huge amount up front but if I ever want to make changes across all lists, I’ll have to do it to each and every one. For example if I want them all to change to card style or show 4 posts instead of 3, etc.

    Seems like it makes more sense just to share 2 listS (one for each format I need).

    Or maybe I’m trying to make this plugin do something it’s not meant for and I should use a different one. I’m just using GP so though I’d stay in this ecosystem.

    in reply to: Combine Conditions #18573

    That approach could work, but I’d need to be able to set the class via the shortcode in the editor, and whenever I try to do that, I get a fatal error when I try to save, and then have to go remove that code from the database to fix it. This was my shortcode:

    [wp_show_posts id="119" settings="wrapper_class=tag1-cat1"]

    I kept playing with and found a clunky workaround, using a field that I’m not otherwise using:

    [wp_show_posts id="119" settings="read_more_text=tag1-cat1"]

    I’d have to then hide that Read More button with CSS, but its doable. I can then do this:

    add_filter( 'wp_show_posts_shortcode_args', function( $args, $settings ) {
        if ( 'tag1-cat1' === $settings['read_more_text'] ) {
            $args['category__and'] = 8;
            $args['tag__in'] = 68;
        } elseif ( 'tag1-cat2' === $settings['read_more_text'] ) {
            $args['category__and'] = 8;
            $args['tag__in'] = 25;
        } elseif ( 'tag2-cat1' === $settings['read_more_text'] ) {
            $args['category__and'] = 10;
            $args['tag__in'] = 28;
        // etc.
        return $args;
    }, 10, 2 );

    Again, very clunky, but at least this gets me to a place where I don’t need to create dozens of Lists. Any better way you know of to do this now that you can see what I’m trying to accomplish?

    in reply to: Combine Conditions #18535

    Thanks Tom, that worked and I could go forward with that.

    However, what I was really hoping to do with the wp_show_posts shortcode was use the Lists more like templates. So I could have 2 Lists (with no taxonomy specified in the dashboard) and then use those over and over, wherever I want in various pages, specifying the categories and tags wherever I use them through the settings. So the templates are always the same and the data is different. I don’t think the function you provided above would allow me to do that, since the category and tag are tied to the List ID. Using that, I think I’d need to create dozens of copies of those same Lists and then dozens of copies of that function to match.

    Any clever way you know of to accomplish what I want? Maybe something else I can add to that if statement? Basically just some way I can differentiate each instance of the List, so that I can assign a different category/tag combination to each.

    Thank you.

    in reply to: Combine Conditions #18517

    Is there anywhere I can see what parameters the settings does have?

    Any other way you can think of to get this done? Or any estimate on when 1.2 might be coming?


    in reply to: Combine Conditions #18480

    Sorry that code did not come through right. This is what I’ve tried:

    [wp_show_posts id="93" settings="category__and=style&tag__in=homepage"]
    [wp_show_posts id="93" settings="category__and=8&tag__in=68"]
    [wp_show_posts id="93" settings="category__and=style"]
    [wp_show_posts id="93" settings="tag__in=68"]
    in reply to: Combine Conditions #18478

    Thank you, this seems like a perfect solution, but no matter what I try, the settings never seem to have any effect.

    I’ve tried setting both fields via the settings and neither in the Dashboard, as well as setting each via the settings and the other in the Dashboard. The one I set in the Dashboard is the only one to ever have any effect – its as if the settings in the shortcode aren’t even there. I’ve also tried using both the category/tag names, as well as their IDs in the settings. For example, I’ve tried:

    [wp_show_posts id="93" settings="category__and=styletag__in=homepage"]
    [wp_show_posts id="93" settings="category__and=8tag__in=68"]
    [wp_show_posts id="93" settings="category__and=style"]
    [wp_show_posts id="93" settings="8tag__in=68"]

    I noticed in the other post the “category_in” only had one underscore, while according to the WP reference it should have two. So I fixed that – but either way, it does nothing.

    Any idea what I’m doing wrong here?

    in reply to: Gutenberg #17891

    In the future, we’ll be introducing a WP Show Posts block so you can get a visual of the list inside your content 🙂

    Any update on when this might happen? It would be super useful to see a visual of the WPSP blocks while building out pages.

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