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We’ve made the decision to merge WP Show Posts with GenerateBlocks!

Our new Query Loop block in GenerateBlocks 1.5.0 is now available! You can check out the release post here.

WP Show Posts was a plugin born out of necessity. At the time of release, there was no better way to display a list of posts wherever you wanted on your website. Over the years we saw it put to a much wider variety of uses. From a static archive page to a related posts section, custom featured post heroes to complex layouts for magazine-style websites – the applications seemed endless.

However, this wide range of uses generally relied on custom development. Our support forums can testify to that – filled with numerous code snippets and custom CSS. It’s something we like doing, helping others create new designs and features for their WordPress websites. But custom solutions are just not sustainable, our ultimate goal is to deliver these features and more without the need for code.

And that is the primary reason we have chosen to retire the WP Show Posts plugin and merge its features into GenerateBlocks.

In this post, we’ll be covering why we have made this decision, what this means for today’s WPSP users, and for active WPSP license holders, we’ll be providing a very special offer.

But before we get into that, firstly we want to say a big thank you to all WPSP users for their continued support over the years. 

Why is WP Show Posts merging into GenerateBlocks?

WP Show Posts needs updating to support block editing. This will ensure its future proof and provide the interface that can deliver the level of customization its users require. So why not rebuild the current plugin? 

The simple answer is, GenerateBlocks already provides 90% of the functionality we require. With its four blocks, you can build any kind of layout and style its content your way, so all that is left is the Query Loop which is what we are currently making awesome progress on.

Merging the plugins adds other advantages too. We can develop one set of plugins using a common code base, making it easier to prioritize and deliver new features. For our users, it means fewer plugins, a single common interface to learn, and overall a better web building experience. 

The new feature, slated for a Q1 2022 release, will be made available in the free GenerateBlocks plugin with additional features added to GenerateBlocks Pro.

What does this mean for WPSP users?

First off we want to assure our users that any sites currently running WP Show Posts will continue to operate as they do today. Although there will be no change to the operation of the plugins, we must make you aware of the following:

  1. Both Free and Pro plugins will no longer receive feature updates.
  2. WPSP Free support will end as soon as a replacement is available in GenerateBlocks. We expect to have a working replacement in Q1 of 2022.
  3. WPSP Pro support will end after all active licenses have expired.
  4. WPSP Pro licenses are no longer available for sale or renewal.
  5. Both plugins will be monitored for security issues whilst support is still provided.

I have an active Pro license – can it be transferred to GenerateBlocks Pro?

We want to make sure all our active license holders are happy, and more so we don’t want to see you go.

If you have an active WPSP Pro license you can claim a free 1-year GenerateBlocks Pro license of your choice (up to $99 in value!).

If you have an active WPSP Pro license and already have GenerateBlocks Pro, we can extend your license by 1 year, or upgrade your license to a higher plan. Your choice!

Simply fill out this form and we’ll set it up for you.

Moving forward

It’s never easy saying goodbye to a product you spent a lot of time and effort building. However, we’re very excited about this change. In the end, we’re going to end up with better features and functionality while staying in line with how our other products work and feel. It’s also going to help us tremendously as a team to optimize how we handle development and support.

Moving forward, we’re confident that this change will be a positive one for our users and team.

54 thoughts on “We’ve made the decision to merge WP Show Posts with GenerateBlocks!”

  1. Ingenious! I am very happy about this news. This is definitely the right direction. I am thrilled. Especially because it’s clear that you guys have FSE in mind and are staying consistent with the journey with Gutenberg. That and the performance give me confidence that GP + GB is a solid WordPress future.

      • Yes. <3

        Two questions though. I am currently designing a website I plan to build with GeneratePress Premium in January. And THE thing I have been missing is the ability to build queries that also show custom post fields (for Custom Post Types) in the listings they produce. (random example, a location for an event in the event listing).

        1. Because of the timing, I cannot wait for the block to arrive. Do you have a recommended way to build queries now so that migration to a new GenerateBlocks feature can be easily done when it arrives?

        2. Do you plan to announce the features to expect, so website builders can plan in advance? 🙂

        Thanks Tom, this is wonderful news.

        • Thanks!

          1. I can’t really think of a specific method that will allow for easy migration. However, it will be very easy to use our Query Loop block in GenerateBlocks – the setup will be quite minimal. You will basically be able to choose your query parameters and then design the posts within the query using our existing blocks (Container, Grid, Headline, Buttons etc…).

          2. We will definitely announce more as we get closer to a public beta 🙂

          • Thanks Tom,
            another question/feature request. 🙂

            What are your plans for more advanced query args?
            Taking about, orderby, meta query, tax query and such?

            Is that somewhere on the roadmap, or you think it is overkill for a block?


          • We’ve already built a very advanced system for dealing with these query args. You should be able to use just about any arg right inside the block (as long as the editor supports it).

            Otherwise, things will of course be filterable on the frontend if you want to write your own PHP 🙂

  2. Awesome! I just remembered that I missed out on Black Friday plugin deals, so I came to check you guys out… low and beyond, I already use GenerateBlocks Pro, so this is amazing for me!

  3. This is great news! I have been really enjoying building with GB and looking forward to the updated plugin.

    Consolidating the plugins and focusing on providing great support for one plugin, as you guys have been doing, is the right direction.

  4. Excited for the changes, but can you keep us updated on progress? Is there a beta, etc? We’re using GeneratePress and WP Show Posts, and are looking to do a site refresh, but would prefer to wait for the merger if possible. However, I don’t want to wait half the year etc 🙂

  5. Hi, I’m just building my site and got stuck on creating posts blocks in specific pages with styling options. Since Pro is not available, I’m stuck again. Yes I’m using Generate Blocks Pro

  6. hi team,

    as the dynamic content support is still very basic in gb, are there any plans to extend this with the merge? it would be fine to be able to use more field types than “simple text” from acf or metabox.

    tks in advance

  7. Will it be possible to use the GB query loop block on archive pages in GP? Consistent and customizable look and feel between post lists in both archives/blog and lists embedded in post content would be a killer.

  8. Hello Tom,

    Will it still be possible to display related publications randomly by category and tag under articles as links without images?

    Best regards.

  9. hi tom,
    i have the same problem like mike, waiting to implement this feature in two sites, which are running wpsp now.
    cross my fingers alpha comes soon 🙂
    best, horst

  10. since I’m a WP Show Post Pro license user, I am claiming the 1 year subscription of GenerateBlocks Pro for FREE. 🙂

    But I don’t need to use GenerateBlocks Pro immediately. Right?

    I can just leave it as is and WP Show Post Pro will still be working until I get a chance to convert. Right?

      • so I submitted the request form to change my license to GenerateBlocks PRO.

        What is the next step?

        It’s been 48+ hours and have not got a reply from that request and my WPSP Pro is about to expire on the 2/12.

  11. How do we get our hands on a Pro version of Wp Show Posts while you are building out the features to Blocks Pro?

    Building a setup that needs some of the pro parts of WP Show Posts at the moment and wanting to avoid having to find a 3rd plugin to do the job when either this and GP Blocks Pro or just GP Blocks Pro will do the job.

    • Hi there,

      You can still download as you normally would as long as your license key is active. If it’s not, you’ll need to download an existing version from one of your sites already using the plugin.

  12. Please keep Polylang / WPML compatibility. In WPSP it’s only necessary to choose a category in one language and the list works for the same category in all languages.

  13. I just learn that you are merging this plugin with “GenerateBlocks”.
    Question is: what is going to do people does not use Gutenberg ?

  14. What will the transition be like? If I purchase generate blocks and to transition from wpsp, will my layouts remain stable? or will they require tweaking or will they just break the entire website that uses showposts for newslike sites?

    • You’ll need to rebuild your post lists using the new Query Block – there isn’t a way to automatically transition from WPSP to the Query Loop Block.

  15. This is really awesome…

    But I still have some concerns…

    What happens to the Existing WP Show Posts PRO users…?

    Do you offer a Discount to Purchase GenerateBlocks PRO ?


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