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WP Show Posts 1.2.0

This is an alpha version. Please test it, but only on test and staging sites – not sites with a lot of live traffic.

Learn how to install beta versions here.

This our first feature release in quite a while. This version adds some new features and fixes some existing bugs.

This is likely the last feature release until we release our WPSP block, which we’re very excited for.

Image Sizes

Image resizing in WordPress is hard. WPSP has always used Aqua Resizer for on-the-fly image resizing. However, we’ve grown to dislike this method due to various incompatibilities and performance issues.

In 1.2.0, we simply allow you to choose from the existing sizes generated by WordPress. Of course, you can add your own sizes using the add_image_size() function.

If you’re already using the legacy image resizer, it will continue to work as it is now.

Better Code

We went through the code to make sure the plugin is as extendable as possible. This meant passing the individual list settings to every single hook and filter, which allows for better extendability when you need to go beyond the options.

We also cleaned up a lot of the overall code to be better escaped for easier readability.

Full Changelog


  • Add wpsp_before_comments_link hook


  • Pass $image_string variable to wpsp_date_output filter


  • New: Image size selection option
  • New: Add shortcode to post list Dashboard view
  • New: wpsp_content_more_link filter
  • New: wpsp_title_href filter
  • New: wpsp_post_date_show_updated_only filter
  • New: wpsp_query_args filter
  • New: Change read more button border size to 1px
  • New: Microdata option
  • Fix: Broken orderby option
  • Fix: AJAX pagination notice if there aren’t enough posts
  • Fix: Exclude current bug if the ID is set in the IDs field
  • Fix: Bug where exclude ID option was ignored on single posts
  • Tweak: Show empty categories in taxonomy list
  • Tweak: Add $settings parameter to AJAX pagination function
  • Tweak: Escape values later
  • Tweak: Remove “WP” from admin menu item title
  • Tweak: Add field description to Columns gutter option
  • Tweak: Pass $settings to wpsp_default_image_size
  • Tweak: Remove matchHeight.js
  • Tweak: Remove clear element inside columns
  • Tweak: Better updated time calculation
  • Tweak: Deprecate old image resizer
  • Tweak: Harden AJAX security
  • Tweak: Make sure all filters have settings passed to them

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