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WPSP Pro 1.0

WP Show Posts Pro 1.0.0 is now available! This update has a lot of small fixes and some new exciting features.


We’ve implemeted a handful of pre-built card styles thanks to David Beckwith at Flint Skin. These cards make it easier to accomplish various complicated designs.

You can check out demos of the available cards here.


You can now display your posts within a simple carousel! Carousels work with your existing list settings, including all the styling options and even the new cards!

You can check out demos of some carousels here.



  • New: Carousel option
  • New: Card Presets
  • New: Title font size
  • New: Section classes option
  • New: Image color overlay (not on hover)
  • New: RGBA color pickers for image overlay colors
  • Tweak: Open social sharing links in small windows
  • Tweak: Remove Google+ option
  • Tweak: Add GDPR message to Love it option
  • Tweak: Use full image in lightbox
  • Tweak: Add support for button class option in AJAX pagination button
  • Tweak: Fix padding option label
  • Tweak: Improve how pro options get list settings
  • Tweak: Update the updater
  • Tweak: Overall code cleanup
  • Tweak: Add wpsp_pro_love_icon_disable_ip_store filter
  • Tweak: Minify featherlight scripts and styles
  • Tweak: Improve hover icon placement
  • Tweak: Improve license key page
  • Tweak: Deprecate wpsp_pro_update_read_more_values()
  • Tweak: Make sure featured image exists before outputting Pinterest icon
  • Tweak: Add $settings parameter to wpsp_featherlight_gallery_args filter
  • Tweak: Add $settings parameter to wpsp_ajax_pagination_button_output filter
  • Tweak: Add $settings parameter to wpsp_ajax_load_more filter
  • Tweak: Add post-load trigger to AJAX pagination script
  • Tweak: Serve minified AJAX pagination script
  • Fix: Lightbox/gallery getting confused on pages with multiple lists
  • Fix: Make social icon colors list-specific
  • Fix: Order comments options better in list settings

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